Top 5 Favorite Anime OPs

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Hello everyone! For this blog entry, I am going to be listing my top 5 FAVORITE anime OPs. If you follow me on Twitter…then you may already know my list.. XD OK! Let’s begin!

Number 5:

I don’t know why but both the animation AND the music are so freaking catchy!!! I just dance along with the music…DESPITE the anime itself being so sad and violent…YES I have seen the first season of AOT! I recommend Attack on Titan alone for it’s action…there are some plot holes within the storyline that make it hard to watch but other than that it’s a good show! 🙂

Number 4:

This OP drew me in because of the music….oh my GOD…the music!!!! SO AMAZING! The animation itself definitely expresses the style of the show…which after watching it myself….creeply mysterious… XD


WHEN L DIED! OMG I GOT SO PISSED! I LOVE L SO MUCH! He is my favorite character! The storyline is what I love so much…this show draws you in for its mystery of who will win the “cat chases mouse” scenario between Light and L. But like I said when L died…that pretty much ruined the show for me!! But I was so glad when Ryuk killed Light at the end.. Light basically became a psycho at this point.

Number 3:

Zankyou No Terror….Oh…my….GOD this show…the OP is so FREAKING KJDGFHJSDGHJSD AMAZING! It’s not at my number 1 spot but its pretty dang close! The music…*cries* I LOVE IT SO MUCH! The song……SO EPIC!!! I love listening to it…I could listen to it on repeat… XD But the BEST part of it is the animation……HOLY CRAP!!! THE ANIMATION IS SO GORGEOUS! T_T That alone sold the OP to me…JUST GO CHECK IT OUT! 🙂


Now for the show itself…in the beginning….it was so amazing and unique.. it starts with a group of two boys named Nine and Twelve..and both are terrorists who are trying to obtain revenge from the government *spoilers after this sentence* for doing experiments on them when they were younger….we meet Lisa who becomes a part of their group…or she is basically a “hostage”…As the show went along though…some of the characters really didnt change…the characters themselves were what threw off the show for me…the only two characters that developed at all were Twelve and Shibazaki…but what RUINED the show for me was the end…THEY SHOOT TWELVE OFF! Yes I know he would have died eventually from the experiments done to them….BUT TWELVE WAS BECOMING A GOOD PERSON AND THEY KILLED HIM OFF! *cries* THAT alone PISSED me off!! Ugh…if you watch the show you will know what I mean..

Number 2:

Soul Eater…this show….is so amazing…What I love about the FIRST OP is the song….its so much fun to listen to….I love it so much!!!! And the show is amazing with its storyline AND characters…both unique in their own way.. 🙂

I HATE that they change the OP so much…I think they should have stuck with the first OP..IT’S THE BEST ONE! :3

Number 1:

This show……*sigh* This show…..I have no words for it….it is so BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! THE FREAKING ANIMATION! OH MY GOD! That is the best part of it I think…I love LOVE the storyline and characters too..but my favorite parts are the animation and the music! The video provided above is not the anime OP BUT the band who performs the OP in the anime, Goosehouse. 🙂 I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this OP! The animation and the song itself when I first heard it…I nearly cried it was so beautiful….OH MY GOD! HGHNNNNN I LOVE IT! CHECK OUT THE OP! 😀

ANYWAYS! These are my 5 FAVORITE ANIME OPs! I hope you enjoy them! Please let me know what you think and ALSO let me know some of YOUR favorite OPs! Links to my social medias are below! THANKS GUYS! I’ll see ya in my next blog post! BYE! 🙂








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